Monday, 15 April 2013

Hats and shoes

We've had some more spring-like weather in the last week or so ,although Friday had its fair share of April showers. I was enjoying the sun on my back chatting to a friend in the car park as we finished our group on Friday and turned round to see Isabel sat in a puddle. She'd decided the playground was too wet to play in as she didn't want to get her bum wet but a puddle was different. Luckily I had her pyjamas in the car as that's what she'd worn when we went out so she was warm and dry in the car on the way home.

We popped into town yesterday to do a bit of shopping. The kids had been trying on hats from the under stairs cupboard and decided that the sparkly cowboy hats left over for a friend's hen were what they wanted to wear. 

As we were hanging around the kids started trying on shoes. Isabel was fascinated with the heels.

Isaac scored some Lego Star Wars.

And got in on the shoe action.


The weather was lovely today so we went out into the garden to tackle the muddy wellies that had been left in a carrier bag since the last mud-fest.

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