Saturday, 20 April 2013

More mud

Even when the weather is good and the ground has dried out the cry goes up to go and find some mud. So off we went to look beneath bridges and see if there was still mud to be found. There was disappointment that the big puddles had dried up but everyone had fun anyway. 

There was lots of ball playing.

A dip in the river.

Lots of lovely mud.

Lots of muddy water sprayed over everything every time the dog shook himself.

After a while the bear decided the ball needed drying out a bit between dips in the river and so gave it a burying.

Look at that bottom.

These are Isabel's new shoes. They came today. We nearly lost them in the mud. They'll go in the wash so it's fine but it's a good job I'm not precious about their clothes.

And some dandelions were picked to cheer up a tired, snotty girl.

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