Monday, 1 April 2013

Under the trees and on the beach

There were lots of new big playgrounds around the town we were staying in but all were in full sun and in amongst paving. We drove past a lot of picnic spots though and this one had a small playground too so we went there a lot. The trees helped provide some shade but it also meant there were lots of sticks and insects and other things to play with which always proves more fun than the equipment. There were some tadpoles in a stream and stones to throw into the ditch. And a fantastic seesaw. 

Isabel checks out the local bugs.

It was Passover whilst we were away and the seder went on till late. Neither of the kids wanted to go to sleep but eventually both crashed out - Isaac mid swipe whilst playing Angry Birds Star Wars. 

It's been one of Isaac's life ambitions to see a palm tree - or so he told us on the way from the airport. He tried to climb one (of course) but didn't get very far.

We had a day out to Tel Aviv for ice creams and the beach. More sand everywhere!

On the way back we stopped at the trees again and there were lots of families having barbecues with real fires. Isaac was enthralled.

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