Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Basket & Beads.

I went to Ikea again this week (to pick up the legs for the drawers we got the other week). My friend Carrie asked me to pick this basket up for her but Isaac had a little play before it got taken to its new home... 

We used the finished salt dough beads from the other day. Threading onto shoe laces or string is hard as there's no tension in it so we used what I would call pipe cleaners but which seem to be called fuzzy sticks now. 

I did the first one and he then tried it out. He needed a bit of help to get his hand near enough the end of the pipe cleaner and then to push the beads down once they were on but otherwise he got the hang of it really quickly and really enjoyed it.

Well until he started trying to eat the beads anyway...

I'm sure most of you have seen crafty kids blogs with immaculate work spaces in beautiful houses that just make you feel inadequate... well here's how we do crafts:

And that's tidier than it is now as he's currently emptying both boxes onto the floor...

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