Thursday, 5 March 2009

The wag is back!

But first some sleepy stripes - he crashed out yesterday morning at 9.30 (am I might add) so all my plans for yesterday morning went out the window. I enjoyed a relaxing read instead though!

He's loving his 'babies' at the moment and is very into cuddles and kisses. He doesn't understand why Finny isn't interested in kisses though... 

I tried to get a photo of the wag today to prove that it's back but alas our bear is hard to photograph as a) he doesn't keep still and b) it's like photographing a black hole! 
This was the only decent photo out of 15 that I took of him... 
He's a much happier bear now that his wag is back but he won't be allowed in the river again till it's much warmer. 

My blog find of the day is The Artful Parent. Isaac's too small for a lot of the activities yet but there are some great ideas to add to the list of inspirations. 

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