Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Park life.

The weather has been glorious here for the last few days so we've been hanging out in the park a lot. In the next few weeks the council will be starting work to 'improve' the park which should be a good thing but I can't help feeling that some of the magic of our little park will be lost in the process. 

Isaac loves the swings but his favourite thing at the moment is to climb onto the picnic tables and watch the world go by (usually whilst flailing his arms around or bouncing up and down). 

After a bit of sitting and watching we did a bit of toddler marching. 

And running. 

And then a bit more climbing before making shapes in the shadows.

And then the next day there was a bit of tree inspecting.

Some daisy picking. 

And then more walking (he's discovered zips recently and has to undo his coat all the time hence he's losing it).

And then the battery went on the camera... phew I hear you all cry!

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