Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Dog's Tale... and dinner.

Well first the bad news. Finny Bear has lost his wag :~( He's feeling very sorry for himself and is uncomfortable. He's turned into Eeyore. 

The reason is swimmers tail. He had a lovely time in the park yesterday and was in and out of the river but it's come back to bite him in the arse so speak as the cold water has caused inflammation in his tail and he can't move it. He's on doggie ibuprofen and should be wagging again in a couple of days. 

I did a 'what's in the cupboard' dinner. Bean stew with herby stuffing topping. 

And we've been eating bits from the Italian cash and carry that we've found. Matthew bought a tonne of olives and will be eating them until next month (Isaac helps as he loves them but Finn refuses to have anything to do with them, wise bear!).  I think we'll be going back regularly.

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