Sunday, 1 March 2009


Saturday's activity included corn flour, water and a little food colouring. There's a posh term for a liquid that behaves as a solid but the colloquial word is fun! It's really odd stuff and gets more solid the faster you move it. 

Some odds and ends from the cutlery drawer add to the fun. 

And even though it makes a mess it's easy to clean up. Leave it to dry and it brushes up or wipe up with a wet cloth. Next time I will put an apron on Isaac though.

He played for about half an hour with the go and then another half an hour in the sink 'cleaning up' afterwards. He's have happily stayed at the sink for a lot longer but it was lunchtime. 

The weather was lovely yesterday and as Matthew was working I had the pleasure of a long walk with Isaac and the bear. The crocuses in the park were amazing.

The only trouble is that the trees are starting to bud and the catkins are out and so my hay fever's started. I'm getting a bit fed up of the hay fever season starting in February. 

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