Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Well I could say that we've come to the seaside as it was a long weekend but the reality is that every now and then my husband turns to me and asks me (sometimes politely and sometimes quite bluntly) if I wouldn't mind going away for a while so that he can catch up on some work.

Now with 2 small children and me still not very happy to drive a lot after the section the only obvious place to go is to my mum's. So here we are all ready for long lazy days at the beach only to be foiled by the weather. It looked lovely out there yesterday at times but the wind was strong and icy and there were heavy downpours and even some hail. Hopefully the rest of the week will be better.

This is a common sight at the moment. One small girl asleep on a shoulder.

We managed to find a sheltered part of the garden yesterday to spend a few moments outside. I indulged my love for onion flowers.

And the boy played with sticks...


and water.

Oh and said hello to a worm.

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  1. Oh I miss the squidgy baby shoulder sleeping days!