Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Can't see the forest

Well I've had another birthday. We availed ourselves of a local posh hotel's spa and enjoyed the scenery (Matthew had 'won' some freebies there at a travel shindig so it only cost us the price of our drinks). The bear came too (but not to the spa bit) and Matthew said they'd go for a walk in the forest while I had my spa treatments. As we drove up to the place we asked the boy if he could see the forest out of the car window. The response was, 'I can't see the forest because of the trees'.

I made chocolate muffins to take to Slingmeet. I thought Matthew had put them away in the bread bin as the counter top was bare but there was no sign of them in there. After discussions it was concluded that the dog had put them away, in the way that only a Labrador can. It's not easy to find the time to bake at the moment and these were made in the precious few moments I could find (finished off with Isabel on my hip) so I was not best pleased.

I haven't carried Isaac since about half way through my pregnancy but we were playing with different carriers at Slingmeet this morning so he had a bit of time up on my back. I tried to do a tandem carry with Isabel on my front but she was having none of it at the time.

The news of the week is new shoes! I have some fitflops that are lovely and comfy and Isaac has some Crocs (gold cos they were cheap off ebay). He's very pleased with them and is reluctant to take them off even for his nap.

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