Sunday, 13 June 2010

The loveliest book shop in the world...

...well, near us anyway.

Today we took a trip to Jaffe & Neale which is the perfect blend of cafe, book shop and gallery space. In two rooms they have just the right selection of books to make browsing enjoyable without it being frustrating and the kid's corner is a lovely spot for reading and exploring.

There are plenty of staff reviews and the staff know their books and are happy to recommend titles. I could spend a fortune in there but at the moment I don't get time to read so the only books we bought were for Isaac.

And then there are the cakes! We didn't partake today as we had lunch in a pub nearby but it's a lovely place to have coffee and cake either overlooking the market square or in the little upstairs room that doubles as a mini art gallery.

The current exhibition is by a local artist Emma Pearson. I love cows. I grew up on a dairy farm and got used to their soft inquisitive noses. I've wanted a cow picture for quite some times (fueled by seeing a great oil painting in a gallery window in Paris). And here it is in a local town, my best chance yet.

Unfortunately the one I loved, 'Shy Cow', was already sold.

I'll be emailing Emma though to see if she has anything else that's not in the exhibition.

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