Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Gizmo, girl, glasses

Now I like a good gizmo and it helps if it actually works too. When you're the owner of a ball obsessed retriever and throw like a girl (well duh there's a reason for that) the the flinger is the gizmo of choice - and is worth every penny of the £1 it cost!

It also helps the small boy who desperately wants to play but can't throw even like a girl. OK so even with the flinger he only gets it a few metres mostly but it's getting easier for him (it used to go backwards most of the time).

We had lunch again at the Yurt yesterday. Isabel is at the stage where she's interested in everything and can sometimes reach and grab the things she's interested in. Meals are starting to be fun! (We're strongly in the camp of it being purely developmental and not a sign that she's ready to start solids yet though.)

And of course if everyone else is eating then you must too - even if it's your own fist.

It's been hot and the boy never eats well when his daddy is away so he just had a plate of bread and butter and did lots of people watching.

The amount that Matthew travels the house would be full of small bits and bobs if he got presents every time he went away and anyway the free sunglasses from Granny's first class kit makes a great gift anyway.

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