Saturday, 30 October 2010

Climbing high

The old staple of pasta with pesto meets a new audience (the black shadow underneath is the dog waiting for his turn).

It's one of Isaac's favourites.

We had a quick trip to the lavender farm and the boy and I had a short time on our own to go and see the animals whilst Danna looked after Isabel.

And then we had sandcastles in the big sandbox - the sand was a much better consistency than on the beach.

And then a tired girl came up in the sling whilst there was playing on the swings and general climbing.

It's been very windy here and too cold to brave the beach so we've been playing in the park instead. Swings are a big hit with both of them.

And I gauge how big Isaac's getting by what he can reach to climb. He can now climb up into the high tunnel on his own which he was too small to do in the summer.

He's been able to climb this one for quite some time but it doesn't seem to get boring.

The marble run is going strong.

And we had a visit from a young male sparrowhawk (I was told what it was).

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  1. looks like loads of fun! better to get them all out of the house isn't it? jennyx