Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Oh Deer

We've been here many times but not yet been to the Deer Park at Snettisham (in part because it's not cheap). But this week we decided to go and as they're doing work on it the ticket was cheaper - it would have been a good deal if we'd gone on the safari...

The best bit for a small boy though was the collection of ride on toys!

We did eventually persuade him to leave the tractors and see some animals though and he was very careful in making sure that all the chickens got their fair share.

There were some very pretty herdwick sheep.

A couple of friendly ponies - I'm quite proud of my boy that he was willing to feed one as he was so scared of big animals until relatively recently.

And then there were the goats. Boisterous, greedy and surprisingly gentle but a little too in-your-face for the boy.

We then didn't go on the deer safari as Isaac wasn't keen on the tractor and trailer arrangement. It's a shame as my mum and I both wanted to see the deer but I'm not going to force him to do things outside his comfort zone. We'll go back another time eventually I'll get to see the deer.

The girl is growing teeth. We've got 2 through and another on the way.

As is common at the moment the boy grabbed my camera. He takes some very random thing (shots of the ceiling and bits of floor etc) but every now and then he gets someone in shot.

I don't have the patience or skills of Kat to produce such artful pictures but my boy too can do an empty sofa shot.

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