Thursday, 14 October 2010


It's cold here. Really autumnal chill in the air. I was lulled into a false sense of warmth by a bit of sun earlier and went out without lots of layers for all of us. Good thing I have some spare clothes in the bag and everyone piled them on. And a sling makes a good shawl too for when there's not a hot body tied to me.

Isaac wants to help all the time. Sometimes it's helpful and sometimes it's not. Who can resist a swing though.

Yet another squirrel evaded his attempts at friendship.

And then after playing on the tyre swing we had a long monologue where he put passengers on the swing and swung them for a while and then they came on his shoulder.

See they're on his shoulder.

He had to tell me all about them.

Can you guess how many of them there were? I think he thinks he's Thomas the Tank Engine.

After a big pause due to snot and teething miserableness we're slowly starting solids again. I'm delighted that this has coincided with the right time of year for roasted root vegetables.

I must remember the bib next time though as I'm not sure butternut squash will come out of that vest.

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