Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Garden fun

I know we don't have the best tended garden in the world and I am all for small children digging and making mud patches but I do with he (and the dog) would dig underneath the tree at the far end of the garden instead of making pits by the washing line that I then fall into.

Of course digging is not enough in itself and water has to be taken from the now full sandpit and put in the newly dug hole and then the watery mud is flung over the grass (that needs cutting). I'm just glad I'd got the washing in already....

There are some windfall apples that I put on the table and Isabel had fun rolling them around.

The thing she really wanted though was my camera case.

And there were lots of spiders around including this interesting one that had an extra long leg which at first I thought was damaged but which seemed to be being used to feel for prey.

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