Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sunshine & showers

It's been a very mixed day. The weather has been changeable and so have I. A very disturbed night last night on top of my chronic lack of sleep led to the worst parenting moment so far. A brief black cloud that let out a torrent. Strangely though the day has been mostly good. It's those moments where you get pushed over the edge that take me by surprise. I know this lack of sleep won't last forever but for now it's hard work.

The dog enjoyed the sun this morning. He follows the patch of sunlight around the house warming himself (when he's not lying on a bed that is....).

And a brief trip into town to run some errands and pick up some books from the library was done in sunshine, rain and hail. In a break between the showers the boy got soaked doing a little puddle jumping, thankfully it was the last thing we did and I'd taken the car so he didn't freeze afterwards. I was reminded of this puddle jumping post. It was funny seeing people's reactions.

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  1. Love the puddle jumping! I had a torrential black cloud the other day...and we were so much happier afterwards! Not sure what to learn from that really!