Sunday, 17 October 2010

A poorly boy

My hot boy was very hot today so we had a morning on the sofa with lots of cuddles and milk and then at lunchtime he curled up in the remains of yesterday's den and went to sleep.

It seemed to help and this afternoon he was brighter and keen to go out so we trundled off to the park. Isabel was in the sling so I thought we wouldn't need the buggy but the boy had other ideas.

And so giraffe came too.

It's real squirrel time at the moment, we're almost falling over them.

And then he spotted something...

What could it be?

They were practicing their fire juggling (although I took him away before they got the fire sticks out).

And then after a long play in the park he declared a need for tree climbing.

He then also wanted to walk all the way to see the horse statue and got almost all the way back home before declaring he was tired. And he's asleep in bed at 6.30.

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