Friday, 29 April 2011

Helping hands and horns

Isabel is at that age where she wants to help with everything. Her ability doesn't yet match up to her enthusiasm but she is a joyful worker. And mostly a wet worker.

We had a day out at Cotswold Farm Park (Adam from Countryfile's farm). And whilst the animals were lovely it was the play equipment that was the real hit.

There were lots of horned beasts - it's noticeable how the heritage breeds all have horns.

Lots of adults on children's play equipment (it's helping them honest).

Some great diggers that were very heavy for a 3 year old but once he got the hang of the levers he didn't let that put him off.

And pillows - like trampolines but full of air. They were fantastic for a bouncing boy.

His sister had a gallery view.

We were kept company by the biggest chicken ever.

Hard to take him seriously though when his back end looks like this.

And then Isabel had to have a go - she needed help of course. Lots of help. Even when she wasn't on it.

Obviously all that fresh air and fun has released the creative juices as she was being artistic with her dinner.

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