Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bear in a box as happy as can be.

As I've mentioned before we have a favourite book called Bear on a Bike and as the dog is also known as Bear the refrain is often changed to suit the circumstances. So today was bear in a box day! Matthew's birthday present finally arrived (a Gaggia espresso maker) and the box it came in was put to good use. At the end of a tiring day it also became bed.

Not to be outdone Isaac had to copy his role model!

He's practicing his packing here...


From when he was very tiny Isaac has loved being flung around and seems very happy being upside down. He's not been doing it as much recently (partly cos he's getting heavier and I'm a wuss) but in the last couple of days he's been scrambling up onto my shoulder in an attempt to go upside down again. So here's the boy in his favourite position.

Matthew's collected a few flags on his travels. I keep meaning to make some more as it'd be great craft project and easy to do but I haven't got around to it yet. Isaac can see the ones we have when he's in his high chair and once he's bored of food he often asks to play with them. 

Some more Isaac photography. Baby and Monkey having a cuddle.

The smiley trousers. These are the baggiest trousers in the universe and made me smile all day yesterday. He's loving cuddling and kissing at the moment and spends a lot of his day with either baby, monkey, or both and then demands cuddles and kisses from me too.

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