Monday, 9 February 2009

A quiet weekend in.

All the snow was great but then came the ice. Matthew was in London all weekend so I was on my own with Isaac and the bear (Finn our dog is nicknamed Finny Bear, aka the bear!). I braved the streets on Saturday to take them for a walk - and I mean the streets as the pavements were iced over and then we settled into a lot of indoor play. 

One of Isaac's favourite toys is his collection of playsilks. Playsilks are just silk scarves dyed lovely colours (by my own fair hand in this case, although you can buy them ready dyed). The great thing about them is that they can be anything you want them to be - what educators describe as an 'open' toy. Mostly with Isaac they're capes or hats or things to hide underneath. his favourite game with them is to be under them with you like under a sheet with the light coming through. 

The bear thinks we've finally realised his worth and he should sleep on silk at all times!

Whilst I was busy doing other things Isaac took to his favourite place, the dining table. As you can see it was tidy... not. He had great fun throwing things off the table and Finn camped out underneath ready to hoover up any morsel of food that came from the heavens. 

We had a couple of afternoons of rugby - well I say we, I mean I tried to watch the rugby whilst being climbed on, jumped on and generally distracted by small boy and bear. Isaac is fascinated by Finn and follows him round as though he's a god. Mostly Finn just tries to avoid him and go about his life quietly. There are moments of sharing though (most involve food!) and here's one. 

Sunday morning was paint time. Isaac got pretty bored though and it didn't last long. For a kid who will happily mush his hands into houmous and yogurt etc he's not that keen on the paints on his hands. 

There is no photographic evidence as I was too busy cleaning up but never leave an unattended pot of M&S edamame bean dip whilst you 'just nip to the loo' when there is a toddler in the house. I can back into the room to see toddler hand covered in said green dip flicking it all over the place whilst the dog licked it up. The two of them conspired later in the day too when Isaac went and got the dog's lead out and insisted I take Finn for a walk. I swear the dog is training him!

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