Friday, 27 February 2009

A New Arrival

Isaac loves his 'baby' and as he's showing a caring side I looked for a Waldorf style doll for him so that it can grow with him as he learns to get dressed and starts exploring feelings etc. I saw a lot of dolls that were either very expensive or very girly or just not what I was after and then someone told me about Suki. After giving her an idea of what I wanted she went to work and the result is here!

Now funnily enough he reminds me a bit of my friend Adam - I think it's the hair!

He's already joined the cuddles and seems to be a hit. 

He's in his winter outfit at the moment and has a t-shirt and nappy on underneath. The nappies are just the cutest thing in the whole world. 

And here's his summer outfit with matching nappy.

I'm thrilled with him and really in awe of creative mamas who can make things like this. 

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