Friday, 13 February 2009

Stripes & Swans

Today was a stripe overload - stripy hoody, stripy trousers and stripy socks. With all those horizontals there was nowhere to go but up. Climbing is one of this boy's favourite activities anyway but even more so if it's on mummy and trying to get hold of the camera.

As 'himself' refused to nap and it was a nice day I stuffed him in the car and went to Stratford. He fell asleep just before we got there and stayed asleep the whole time I was shopping (not that I bought anything but it's easier to try clothes on without having to run half naked around the shop catching a toddler!). He woke up as I was ready to go home but I knew there was no way he'd go happily back into the car and sit still for another half an hour so we went for a walk by the river and saw ducks, geese and swans.  

Isaac thought the swans were great most of the time but he got a bit scared when one went really close to him to see if he had food - it's not surprising he was scared as they were bigger than he was.

I loved the low winter sun and how it picked up the water droplets on the mallard.

And the swans were so beautiful - like angels' wings.

The feet aren't quite so celestial - but beautiful in their ugliness. 

The swans took exception to a passing dog and showed off their full size.

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  1. Best post yet... (not that I haven't loved the previous ones, too...). The swan at full stretch is fantastic - prehistoric, to go with the dinosaur feet...