Thursday, 26 February 2009

Feeling uncreative.

We seem to have been busy in the last few days and either unwell or rushing around and the first thing to go is doing anything creative. Or so I thought. Actually considering my feeble state I've manages to create some lovely meals - there are no photos though cos we ate them all :~)

Kev and Ruth ended up eating with us on Tuesday so the usual two day pie only lasted one meal but it still means our small free range chicken did 4 meals, although the first 3 were for me!). I get bored of roast chicken so after a dinner and lunch it becomes Jamie's pie I don't bother with the bacon or the chestnuts and the amounts vary according to what I have in but it's a great base for a pie and really tasty. It takes a bit of effort to get it all together but if you used the amounts in the recipe it'd be a HUGE pie. We tend to have a thinner version and it usually does us at least 2 meals. 

The other thing I've made is a spinach and ricotta lasagna. I knew I wouldn't be up to much and so bought a tub of cheese sauce but I wish I hadn't bothered as it was so thin and bland. The basic lasagna is dead easy though as it's just a tub of ricotta mixed with defrosted frozen spinach and a bit of the cheese sauce. It needs a tomato sauce base but that can either be a jar or just a tin of chopped tomatoes. It's so much nicer than the shop bought ones and so easy I don't think twice about doing it. Because of the meagre cheese sauce this one only lasted a dinner and one portion of lunch but usually it's a good couple of dinners for us. 

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