Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and scribbles.

Well they may just look like scribbles to you but to me it's progress. Up until now Isaac has mostly jabbed at the paper with pens and crayons and any scribbling has been cajoled out of him and soon given up in favour of more jabbing (or drawing on his hand). But today he was straight in there with a scribble and then asked for more colours to carry on. (He's a bit obsessed with the sign for yellow but he doesn't actually know which colour yellow is.) All the dots on the page are left over from a previous session. 

We braved the cold and ice today and went into town. I took the buggy instead of the usual slings as I didn't want to have to carry Isaac and the library books and shopping etc. For once he was reasonably happy to stay in the buggy as long as it was moving. On the way home I spotted a bird & reptile sticker book in one of the charity shops for 30p and so bought it. Isaac didn't want to let it go so held tight to it all the way home despite getting freezing cold hands. 

Yesterday's snow was pretty where it covered everything (which wasn't much). But it didn't last long in the garden as Finny raced around like a lunatic enjoying the cold and wet. Here's a bit he didn't leap on...

And here's the garage snowed in... it's not just in London that the snow caused havoc with transport ;~)

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