Sunday, 9 August 2009

The boy, the bear and the ball

Any time of the day the cry of "'scream 'scream" can go up - I draw the line at breakfast but as it's been nice weather he's been having ice cream at all times of the day. Due to the dripping that goes with it though it needs to be outside if possible so he wanders around trying to pick the flowers from next door's garden through the fence...

We've got a mass of butterflies in the garden at the moment.

And a dog who charges up and down playing with his ball.

We've also got a lot of spiders...

When he's finally given up chasing the ball we have lounging bear.

And then the post dinner ball play. This involves burying his ball in his bed and then removing the bedding from his blue bucket to bury the ball some more.

It's very entertaining for all involved!

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