Sunday, 2 August 2009

A New Kitchen

It'll be Isaac's second birthday before very long and so as not to overwhelm him on the day we're giving him presents gradually. The first one is his present from us which is toy kitchen from a company called Wooden Choice. It's a great size for him and is nice and compact. The wood is very soft as it's untreated pine so it will get bashed about a fair bit but I think it'll do us just fine.

He's been playing with is lots, making pasta and washing his hands mostly.

We had to to have the obligatory dog in a box shot but it was a bit high for him to get himself in it on his own so he had help...

He usually likes being in boxes but this was a tight fit and he got out as soon as possible.

Isaac's beginning to be interested in getting dressed and wanted all his clothes off so he could wear his swim nappy. I wasn't keen on the idea and as it was too small to go over his jean put it on his head instead. He was very happy with this!

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