Sunday, 23 August 2009

Painting and mixing colours

We've been doing a bit of moving furniture around and so as Isaac was sitting (bouncing) on my lap he could see the paint brushes on top of the fridge and so asked to paint. We've not been doing much drawing and painting recently as we've been spending so much time outside this summer so it was good to see how he's come on.

We started with yellow.

And then he wanted some orange. We only have the primary colours so I mixed some up for him. I'm really disappointed with how the ELC paints mix as they're really muddy. Once I've used these up I'll get some different ones so that Isaac can do his own mixing. I could just buy the ready mixed colours but where's the fun (and the learning) in that?

After a lot of brush work he started to use his hands - something he used to be loath to do.

And so we needed to do some hand washing.

But he wanted more paints and still wanted yellow but then asked for green - if I thought the orange was hard to mix the green was even worse. It was really muddy (and this was the second attempt).

And after the painting came the cleaning up, which was almost as much fun (and made almost as much of a mess!).

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