Sunday, 2 August 2009

Park & Train

Today has been the first nice weather for quite some time so we wandered into town for a few errands and then hung out in the park for a bit. Isaac did his civic duty by picking up more litter and putting it in the bin.

Before being slightly less civic and using the war memorial as a climbing frame. Its in a little fenced off area with a gate and he loves opening and closing the gate and then sitting on the 'step'.

The new tennis courts are being well used and we spent quite a while walking round and watching. I did look at the fence and think, 'he could climb that' and sure enough a couple of minutes later he had the same thought but only got up one rung.

And then this evening we opened his present from our friends Kev & Ruth.

As soon as he saw the trains he said, 'wow'. And he kept saying wow with each new bit of the train.

This is how Matthew built it.

And then this is how I rebuilt it...

We regret to announce the the 17.52 from the dining room has been cancelled due to a dog on the line.... I fear this may be a problem!

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