Friday, 28 August 2009

Our children make liars of us

We have regular general and developmental checks in the UK for children and the boy had his 2 year check the other week (which was basically a chat with the Health Visitor while he played with the toys). She asked me if he was drawing circles yet and I said no but lots of scribbling. We've mostly been painting when we've done any art and as it's been summer (after a fashion) we've been outside a lot and so not doing art. Yesterday he got some crayons out and asked for paper though and drew lots of scribbles but also lots of circles - well ok so they're not perfectly round but the right skill is developing. It's amazing how that happens with children, you don't do something for a while and when you go back to it they've made a developmental leap seemingly without any of the steps in between.

Circles or no circles we're still seeing lots of diggers and the like while work goes on it town.
We spent a good couple of hours doing the 5 minute walk into town and a little bit of shopping - a lot of it was spent watching the diggers, bulldozers, road roller, fork lift and the like.

We also had a bit of time with the elephants outside the lovely Thai restaurant.

As we were saying hello one of the members of staff came out and said he could ride them and so he did, both of them. He wanted to do the same on the way home and I suspect will remember the next time we go that way too...

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