Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hanging around

We've had some nice weather these last few days and any time the front door gets opened boy and bear make a bid for freedom. We've spent quite a lot of time sitting on the little wall outside our house watching the world go by.

Not only does Isaac love to test his balance by walking up and down the wall but he's also started driving cars and fire engines up and down it.

And of course the wall is never enough...

Isaac's loving his 'wheelbarrow' at the moment and has been transporting his train set all over the place and then finding some steps to go up before his tips everything out.

And then he went off exploring the garden with it.

He found the pens the other day and started drawing all over himself... Luckily they're washable and he's not purple but it was everywhere.

So I gave him the bit of the pizza box to draw on and he loved it.

The dog is always good for amusement value but tonight he's been lying upside down in his bed and snoring very loudly. It's very offputting!

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