Friday, 14 August 2009

Labrador antics

Isaac's been practicing with scissors. It's so funny watching the concentration on his face - there's lots of open mouths and tongues out. He's been getting quite good though and it occupied him for a long time.

The beauty of having Danna staying is that I get a nice lie-in and she builds sandcastles at 7am.

One of my favourite flowers is now in bloom in the garden.

Isaac's found a few ladybirds in the last couple of days, both dead and alive.

The bear in typical labrador fashion is food obsessed. This lunchtime he forgot himself and tried to take Isaac's ice lolly out of his hand and got a white eyebrow for his troubles.

And he's been spending a lot of time begging from Danna. He's also doing his Elvis impression here...

They were eating little wild plums.

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