Monday, 8 March 2010

Being a farmer & bouncing a lot.

We've had some lovely sun this weekend (although a very cold wind) and yesterday afternoon the boy spent in our friend's garden chasing chickens, playing with balls and driving the big digger. He announced he was being a farmer.

We've cleared room for the pool ready for when baby comes and yesterday had a trial blow up just to check that all was still okay with it. The boy loved it and spent 45 minutes flinging himself into it and around it (and occasionally off it).

He had a few problems with static electricity though and kept getting a shock every time he touched anything outside the pool. He'll love it filled with water so I suspect it'll get used outside a bit this summer...

And of course all his toys had to have a play too.

The quilt has gone to its new home. I think she liked it!

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