Saturday, 6 March 2010


Finally after lots of stopping and starting I have finished the quilt for a lovely little girl. She's about to become a big sister any day now and has recently moved into her new big bedroom so I'm hoping this will look good in there. It's been a long time in the planning and even longer in the making and it's far from perfect but I made it all by myself and made it with love. So Megan I hope you enjoy it!

Things I have learnt while doing it:

  • You can never have too many pins.
  • However long I think it's going to take me to do something double it and then double it again and then you're getting close.
  • I have learnt more than I ever could have dreamt about tension and sewing machines.
  • As a subcategory of that, if your tension is up the spout change your needle first before you do anything else.
  • Quilters have the patience of a saint. I'm at best a bodger but I'm still going to call this a quilt.
  • I love doing patchwork. I love seeing the patterns of the fabrics work off each other. I'm less good at doing all the finishing bits.

The fabrics are from Alice Kennedy's Owl and Apple collection for Timeless Treasures bought from Etsy. The brown swirls look purple on photos but they're a similar brown in real life to the brown owls.

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