Friday, 26 March 2010

Lilliputians and Brobdingnagians

We're slowly getting used to the new patterns of life and working out the mechanics of having two.

We didn't get the homebirth we'd planned and ended up with a few days in hospital after a very lovely c-section with the most amazing registrar. The boy was struggling not having his mummy at home so I was discharged within 48 hours and have been babymooning ever since. Sleep has been in short supply but the newborn snuggles have more than made up for that. Life has got a lot better now that my milk has come in and boy and babe are both enjoying the new bounty.

I've heard others say about the shock of seeing older children once you have a new baby and the size difference. This is all the more exaggerated when feeding as the head size is so noticeably different. I swear Isaac has grown in the few days I was at the hospital. His head seems to be adult sized! And I'm sure he's actually done a body swap with my friend's 10 year old.

The babe by contrast seems so tiny - although she's almost 2lbs bigger than Isaac was. She fits happily on my chest to sleep, feed and just snuggle.

The amazing thing about having children is feeling your love expand. I remember totally falling in love with the boy and in the last few weeks there's been a part of me that's worried that either I wouldn't love the baby in the same way or that somehow my love for the baby would diminish my love for the boy. The miracle is though that not only am I absolutely besotted by our new babe I've also fallen in love again with our bouncing, boisterous, loving, snuggling boy.

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  1. Congratulations! :) I so know what you mean about the contrast between the big boy and the newborn... although unlike yours, my newborn was more than 2lbs lighter than her brother at birth! Enjoy your newly-expanded family. I know I am. Emma (happyLV)