Wednesday, 17 March 2010


One of the biggest changes once the baby arrives will be our mobile set up - at the moment the dog gets his fair share and more of the back seat but he'll have to travel in less comfort once the baby seat is in too. (We have a rear facing stage 1 seat for those interested. More details here.)

You'd think 2/3rds of the back seat would be enough for him but there were anguished cries from the small person yesterday as the dog failed to stick to his half of the seat and spent half the journey home practically in Isaac's lap.

We don't really buy 'baby' food or anything that's particularly branded for children except for Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches. The boy loves them and they're a no-mess easy way of getting more fruit into him in those awkward toddler eating phases. As a result we've collected a lot of lids over the last couple of years. They make great toys for colour sorting and for making patterns etc.

I think all children go through phases and this is very much a car phase. The box gets emptied and then the cars lined up, piled up or just zoomed around the house.

Well if Daddy is stupid enough to lie on the floor what does he expect....

The bump is big enough to have developed it's own postcode and I'm sure there are moons orbiting it. The baby isn't going to be all that big (probably just on the small side of average depending on how long she stays in there) but I just carry my babies right out front so the bump looks huge.

I'm getting fed up now. I had the boy 9 days before my due date so this is officially the most pregnant I've ever been (39 weeks). I know I could still have a few weeks to go but it's odd territory for me.

The boy does love his camera - although he's taking very few pictures and mostly just presses buttons and takes the memory card in and out of it.

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