Saturday, 6 March 2010

Blue thing, black thing, bump thing.

The boy has been loving his blue thing recently. He can sit in it cross legged and rock and spin himself and falling over in it is fun too (as long as he doesn't bang his head). It's the perfect place to sit and eat a snack.

The big fake fur came off the sofa the other day and was used for some snuggle time as the boy was determined to be naked even on a cold spring day (small children seem to have an aversion to clothes). When the chair it had been on was needed by grown ups the fur got flung on the floor. Half a nanosecond later it had a dog on it...

My lovely husband keeps exclaiming about the size of my bump. This culminated last night in the statement that I looked like Cyril Smith. Now for anyone not familiar with the ex Rochdale MP I suggest some googling and having a look at some images of him. The remark could have resulted in death or divorce but thankfully I have a sense of humour still (some of the time) and so today the Cyril Smith picture was taken.

And a less Cyril one to show that it's all bump and not just an expanding waistline...

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