Thursday, 11 March 2010

Cranes, picnics and fires

There was much toddler excitement on the trip to the dentist as they're doing up the building next door. There was a cement mixer, various diggers and dumper trucks and a humungous crane. I got very cold waiting for him to have his fill of the view.

The blue thing is one of his favourite toys at the moment and he spends quite a lot of his day sitting in it 'reading', eating or just rocking. I have a reusable sandwich wrap that he loves using for a picnic with his wooden food and yesterday he had a burger that kept him happy on and off all afternoon.

We've moved the electric piano from in front of the fireplace so that there's room for the birth pool and so the fairy lights that make the fire look 'lit' have come back into action. The boy loves to sit with his feet on the grate gazing into the flickering lights.

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