Monday, 15 March 2010


The weather has improved and we've had some lovely sunny days (although a biting wind) so this weekend was spent out and about doing things. Including taking the bear and the boy to the park. The bear takes his retriever heritage seriously and is obsessed with his ball to the exclusion of other dogs, children and everything (apart from cats and squirrels). He runs his doggy legs off and then goes and finds whatever shade there is and throws himself down on the floor for a few minutes recuperation before starting the whole process again.

The boy meanwhile climbs, swings and rocks until those of us standing around in the cold wind decide we've had enough.

It was Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend and I was lucky enough to get my favourite flowers delivered and a BIG card made for me. I also got a lie in and tea and cake in bed! Although the cake was shared...

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