Thursday, 3 March 2011

Baked goodies

We stumbled upon a slice of heaven,

This is a rustic with a capital R sort of a place where you're invited to treat it like your own kitchen. Food comes on wooden boards or in chunky pottery and seating is on big wooden tables. Breakfast is muesli or as much toast as you can eat and there are big bowls of butter, jam and their own peanut butter on the tables. Lunches are soup, filled focaccia or bake and there's a trestle full of sweet things. Frankly I could have stayed there all day.

We had an impromptu stop due to wailing child which lead to exploring of the woodpile and an escaping dog (really must work on that recall).

There are woods just by our holiday cottage and the dog has made them his own. Most days he brings the mud back with him but it was relatively dry today. He looks quite obedient and picture perfect Lab here.

And look he will come back when called at least some of the time....

Isabel is continuing her quest for the great outdoors and takes great umbrage if anyone steps outside without her.

There are signs of spring all around, it's lovely.

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