Monday, 28 March 2011

A cow of my very own

I make secret that I have been looking for cow picture for a while and so was delighted when Matthew and the boy arrived from a day out holding a big bubble wrapped canvas of a cow. The artist is Emma Pearson and she sells through the lovely bookshop in Chipping Norton.

Isabel loves it and gets very excited every time she sees it. If we ask her where is the cow she points enthusiastically at it.

Her other favourite animal is Finny Bear and one of her most used signs is that for dog.

It's felt like a long winter with many days when we've been cooped up inside. Despite getting rid of our tv Isaac has ended up watching way too much Chuggington and the like on iPlayer as well as DVDs (ideally I'd like no screen time but that's another story). I don't beat myself up about it as it's helped us get through a hard few months but it's something I want to change. Instead of focussing on what I want to stop though I'm trying to choose what I want to do instead so that I can feel the change before it happens (focus on the positive and all that). So instead of looking at the amount of screen time I'm relaxing about that and instead working on adding other things to our day whether that's more stories or playing outside. The weather has been kind to us so most of today has been out in the garden or down in the park.

I made some jelly for the party that we didn't get around to eating so we had it for pudding tonight. Isabel had her own methods of getting it out of the bowl.

Whilst the boy just used a conventional spoon and then played at wibbling.

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