Sunday, 27 March 2011

Birthday girl

So this weekend was party weekend. There was a lot of preparation to be done like making the cake (I'd bought some ladybird toppers as I haven't played with royal icing before but I was much happier with my ladybirds than the bought ones so they're currently in the bread bin waiting to be used).

Making mars bar rice crispies

And then blowing up balloons

And after a cold morning the clouds cleared and we had a lovely afternoon with friends and neighbours celebrating our little one.

And after cake there was the walk - she took me the length of the garden and back again and all the way through the house. It was slow going but she was very keen to do it.

We'd said on the invites to neighbours not to bring presents but they brought them anyway (thank you) and amongst them was this delight - the lovely Kerry (who surely must have her own blog hint hint) had customised a tshirt with a chain stitch rainbow. Such a great idea that I'm going to steal (ahem be inspired by) at a later date.

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