Thursday, 17 March 2011

Getting better

Well we made it to dinner time before anyone was sick today and I think that was more because she was gagging on her cucumber than because of being ill. The boy is much better (I could tell as he was asking for Chugginton and wrestling with his sister by 7 am).

When you have ill small children and no adult around to help the wonders that are the Ocado delivery are much appreciated. They have got us out of a hole several times in the last few months (including delivering to us on Christmas even for our unplanned stay at home Christmas). I always have helpers for the unpacking (the dog likes to stick his nose into every bag but has yet to be able to put anything on the top of the unit). Today's helper was Miss Bel. She has a cute hand out signal saying she want something and managed to eat her way through a good proportion of the goodies as they came out of the bags. She's loving it that she can now climb on the Ikea stool and see what's happening up high. I tend to work on the principle that once they can climb on something under their own steam then I let them get on with it - there is the odd fall but surprisingly few.

One of the biggest differences between child 1 and child 2 is the amount of time to sit and read books in peace and quiet. Whenever I've tried to read with Isabel Isaac gets involved or starts doing loud things to distract her. And frankly mostly she's been more interested in eating them than reading them. But just recently she's 'got' books and now demands them. She still mostly likes opening and closing pages at random but she's very definite about which books she wants and how many times she wants to look at them.

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