Sunday, 20 March 2011

Up a tree

There was a moment this afternoon when everything was how I imagined it to be. The boy was up a tree having climbed it himself without any help. The girl was on a bike (wishing it to move) being happy to be outside and I was engaged in busy industriousness tidying and hosing and just generally being outside. I'm working up to doing more of this sort of thing instead of spending all day inside as one or both children need milk or naps etc. It didn't last long and he fell out of the tree (no major damage but he wasn't keen to go back up again today) and then Isabel needed a nap and chores were left to be finished off later.

And as always after outside play the end result was a bath in the middle of the afternoon.

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  1. Hi Hannah, you won my book give away contest (Splish Splash). I hope your family enjoys reading it. Send me your mailing address and I will ship it out to you. Congratulations and thanks for participating!