Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A spring in our step

Today has been a glorious day and so we've spent most of it outside. We were invited to join friends at a playground this morning and I was a little grumpy about going as it's a fair drive from here and I don't much like driving places just for the sake of it but it was to see lovely friends so we went. And I'm so glad we did. The playground is so well done with an element of danger (although maybe that's just the adults on the zip wire) and lots of use of the natural architecture of the trees. The play equipment is well thought out and challenging for small children. It was lovely to see the older ones all get stuck into things they've never tried before and take ideas from each other.

The smaller members of the party mostly played with the bark chippings.


  1. Steeple Aston? Thinking of popping over there myself today :-) I do think it's lacking a toddler cage for when mama needs some zipwire fun though!

    You can always add another friend to the mix when you're down this way :-)

  2. She is getting SO BIG! Hope they're feeling better & you get some much needed sleep.