Sunday, 11 September 2011

All partied out

Today we had two birthday parties to go to. The first was a rainbow party and the invitation said bright colours so Isabel wore a dress.

It didn't make it out the house though between getting wet and being in the sand pit....

Dress number two is err... in here somewhere.

Oh here it is.

Isaac made some fetching headwear - this was him smiling for the camera. This is apparently his camera face and nothing could convince him otherwise.

Party number two ended with the small one asleep and then we had to stay there as she didn't want to wake up.

And then bedtime got extended tonight as Matthew is away and putting two to bed on my own is always a little hit and miss especially when there's been a late nap. Isaac decided he didn't want to be on his own but Isabel was messing around too much if we went to his bedroom so he made himself a bed on the chair instead (complete with nightcap). He stayed asleep when I took him up to bed - I never thought I would get to the stage when my child stayed asleep even when moved!

I don't fancy my chances of getting Isabel to bed without waking her though...

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