Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The home straight

The last half of any of Matthew's trips is always the hardest but especially when it's getting towards 2 weeks away. Isaac being ill hasn't helped and Isabel wants me to be glued to her at all times and shouts "Mum-MEE" repeatedly at high volume if I am not within 2 feet of her.

We are experts at getting by. When it comes to getting out of the house some compromises have to be made so if he wants to wear his wellies with a sun hat that's fine by me.

She let me wrestle her into a t-shirt but was not going to countenance 'drousers' or socks & shoes. She did have a hat on (back to front) when she left the house but on realising she couldn't see she took it off.

I did manage to get some trousers on her after she'd been in the park a while and had started to get cold.

She's into putting things in other things so the coppers from my purse ("doins") and her brother's shoe kept her happy for a while before she moved onto the dumper truck. (Look! Look! She's got leggings on!)

The rag doll has the perfect sized arms for holding hula hoops she discovered. The feet were too big just for the record.

Having got rid of those pesky leggings she decided she wanted a skirt.

Well for about 3 seconds...

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  1. I love reading your's nice to know there are others who have budding nudists in the house!