Monday, 12 September 2011

Busy doing nothing

There's been a lot of soup making today - it definitely feels like autumn! Isabel thinks climbing on the counters is the best thing in the world ever and to stop her from emptying all the crockery from the cupboard I let her stir the soup. It's her favourite and she kept wanting to eat it despite it being hot so we had to go and do other things whilst it cooked.

I was under instructions to build a track that went all the way into the front room - well the instructions were to build it so it went all the way around the dog who was full length on the hearth rug but we didn't have enough bits to go that far. One thing about building it into the hall is that I have to put it away before we do anything upstairs or outside or else I can't close the door and then the dog helps himself to whatever food might be in reach.

I support women who are breastfeeding and the bread and butter of our work is 'positioning and attachment' otherwise known as getting a good latch. The traditional advice is to have the child's tummy facing mum's tummy. My toddler laughs in the face of tradition! She much prefers having her back against me...

Isaac was being a flamingo.

Isabel decided that bouncing on his head was the best fun ever. He didn't seem to mind and kept going back for more.

And bubbles are always fun. More fun than dinner it turned out - I had trouble getting them to the (right) table.

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