Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dodging showers

We managed a lovely morning in the sun before running home in the rain and then sat inside at a friend's house watching the rain before going home in the dry again.

The game of choice is mostly Octonauts still and this was great as they both got to steer. Orders are shouted and it's hard to keep up with who is supposed to be who (especially when friends join in and you have two Captain Barnacles) but woe betide us if we get it wrong.

This sums up the boy at the moment - moving, swinging, climbing, jumping, hopping and always talking.

She was strutting her stuff in her brother's shoes. Very pleased she was too.

Isaac has gone to bed tonight (eventually) with the can opener which has become Bluebird from Everything's Rosie. She had dinner with us (complete with own bowl of pasta), went in the bath and has now gone to bed.

1 comment:

  1. Is the Herb Centre slide still very, very fast? Otto nearly ended up flying into the next county off the end!

    Hope Isaac has a comfy night with his tin opener for company!