Thursday, 8 September 2011

My life in yogurt by Isabel, 17 months

The problem with small children helping to unpack shopping is that they then see what's in it and want to eat most of it. So yogurt it was. Good job she wasn't dressed yet.

There was a bit of a snuggle in bed with her brother.

A common sound at the moment is a small voice saying "(s)tuck". This morning it was as she was climbing up the bed guard to get back into bed and then later a little voice from the other room where she'd taken herself to watch the rubbish truck. I didn't know she could climb on the windowsill.

Yogurt for pudding (t-shirt removed prior to pud). And no I don't know how she got it on her forehead either.

Isaac has been watching Life in the Freezer and was being David Attenborourgh.

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